Your Mortgage Lady

Heather Natividad, B.Sc. B.Ed.


With nearly a decade of experience of being licensed and trained to professionally deal in mortgages, Heather Natividad has served hundreds of families in the area of finance, specifically in empowering and informing people in how to qualify for mortgage financing. She prepares her clients for, and leads them through, the qualifying process step-by-step, in a professional, yet down-to-earth manner.

Whether you are a...


* First-Time Home Buyer

* Experienced Homeowner


* Real Estate Investor


Our mortgage team is dedicated to supporting you in achieving your goals. We guarantee trusted, knowledgeable, and professional service, along with coaching in the areas of financial strategies that are appropriate to your mortgage situation. Save yourself time and stress by NOT having to find and approach multiple lenders. 

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